What They Don’t Teach You in Business School Continued……

In a post I wrote last week, What They Don’t Teach You in Business School, I stressed the importance of sales. Being able to sell “naturally” is most likely any person’s greatest weapon. Becoming great at sales whether it is selling a product or yourself is all about becoming better at dealing with people.

Most people we meet and talk to usually ask us how they can become better selling themselves in networking sessions or during an interview. The challenge most people face are:

1. They do not know what to say to people they meet for the first time

2. They are nervous.

Here are 2 steps to tackle these obstacles.

Step #1: Read the book How to Win Friends and Influence People

In the book how to Win Friends and Influence People, the author Dale Carnegie, states there is only one way to get anyone to do anything.

“The only way I can get you to do anything is by giving you want you want.”

Dale Carnegie

Understanding what people want and being able to speak to them in terms of what they want is powerful. How else is Donald Trump leading in polls? His remarks are meant for certain group of people and he is saying what they want.

Thinking in terms of what people want, will better prepare you to know what you need to say when meeting with people.

I have found a PDF version of the book online and provided the link here.

Go read this book.

Step #2: Do the Coffee Challenge

You need to go out and do Noah Kagan’s coffee challenge. Noah was the 30th employee at Facebook and now runs AppSumo. The basis of the challenge is to go into Starbucks, order a drink and ask for a 10% discount.

Completing the challenge will help prepare for when you are in uncomfortable situations and asking for the things you want. I remember the first time I asked I was terrified. But by the tenth time it became natural.

Combining steps 1 & 2 will help better prepare you for dealing with people. It will equip you to know how and what the right questions to ask someone, you are meeting for the first time. The steps are simple but you need to go out and practice.

What am I reading this morning……….

Tech News

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Market News

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US Junk Bonds Remain High Yield Status (FT) se also Money Market Funds Clamor of Short-Term Treasurys (WSJ)


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