Procrastination and the Job Hunt

“Procrastination in the most common form manifestation of resistance because it is the easiest to rationalize. We don’t tell ourselves, “I’m never going to study for my test. Instead we say, “I am going to study for my test, I’m just going to start tomorrow.”

Steven Pressfield

The above quote is taken from the War of Art, one of the most underrated books of all time. Do not mix the title up with the book the Art of War (which is also an amazing book). Anyone who is in school, trying to start their own business, networking, trying to talk to the opposite sex or create a piece of art needs to read this book. The War of Art is a book about the internal battle we all face when we are trying to accomplish something that is meaningful to us.

Self-doubt and procrastination are the largest challenges we face when we set out to accomplish something. At some point, everyone has told themselves that they were going to eat healthier, study more or drink less. We’ve probably even taken the time to build a plan designed to make our goal a reality. But, once the plan is constructed we review it, tweak it and tell ourselves we will start it later. Ultimately, we become overwhelmed with the doubt that the plan will not work and we abandon it.

As we head into summer recruitment season for the banks, now is the most important time to make sure you are networking, preparing and carrying out your plan to land an internship. Not everybody loves networking and the fear that it will go poorly often pushes people to delay until exams are finished or right into the New Year.  By this time, you are already too late. You need to make getting a job your full-time job right now if you want to secure a placement for the summer.

In the next two weeks, before the Street slows down for the holiday season, get out there and network. Over the holidays (if you haven’t already been applying) get your resume and cover letters ready for applications. Have your friends and peers review them. Don’t worry if your friend thinks your resume or cover letter is dumb, because if they think it’s dumb, then the professional reviewing your application will surely think it‘s dumb also. Next, start preparing for interviews.

Don’t push the execution of your plan off until the New Year because it will be too late.  95% of people that are successful in landing a job in capital markets don’t just wing the process. They prepared, worked hard and executed.

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