#1 Key to Networking Success – No Tears

Through our coaching service, I help a lot of people with networking, an activity which, when it comes to capital markets jobs is absolutely essential if you want to make yourself into a top candidate.

Unfortunately, for most people networking isn’t fun at all and they are prone to stops and starts, limited progress and often completely abandoning networking altogether. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard something like:

“I know that networking is important, but I tried reaching out to about 10 people a few weeks ago and nobody got back to me. What’s the point of reaching out to people if they are all just going to reject you?”

And therein lies the real reason most people get discouraged, NOBODY LIKES TO GET REJECTED! So how do you push through this barrier and stay focused on the task at hand? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Accept that a Non-Response is Not a Judgment of Your Character: People are busy! Remember that have 10,000 things on their to-do list and getting back to you is optional! If they don’t get back to you, brush it off and move on.
  • Realize that it’s a Numbers Game: The odds of any particular stranger you reach out to getting back to you are low; this means that if you want to fill up your schedule with coffee meetings you need to send out a lot of requests. Basically, you need to…
  • Go Machine Gun Style: Don’t reach out to 10 people and hope for the best; reach out to 10 people per day for 10 days and see what happens.
  • Build your Contact List in Bulk: To avoid having to constantly use LinkedIn or your friends for referrals, build a massive list of people that you want to connect with all at once. That way if you don’t hear back from someone, you just go to the next name on your list and reach out to them.

Hopefully that gives you a good start! Go out there and get networking!



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