Walk Me Through Your Resume

With many of you a few days away from interviews, I thought I would repost a sample from our IncuBanker product covering the most important question you will face… walk me through your resume.

This will be the 1st question you will be asked in 95% of your interviews; below, we’ll show you how to tackle it. You’ll find this and 150+ other questions and video answers in the IncuBanker, our online interview prep course. Check it out!

  • You answer should be around 2-3 minutes
  • Analysts: start with where you grew up or went to high school
  • Associates: start with where you grew up or went to undergrad
  • From the start of your undergrad degree proceed chronologically through relevant experiences (academic, club, professional)
  • For each experience try to:
    • Give a brief overview of your role, achievements and an outcome (good feedback, promotion, published paper, etc.)
    • Demonstrate skills relevant to investment banking
    • Explain how this pushed you closer to pursuing a capital markets career
    • Brevity is key here; don’t spend your entire 3 minutes discussion one job!
  • At some point you need to identify your “spark”; the time when you decided that you knew you wanted to pursue a job in IB/S&T/Research/etc.
  • Try to end by connecting the career path you just described to why you are interviewing for this job

Strategy Video

Sample Answer Video

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