Mastering Your Elevator Pitch

As it is interview season we are continuing with how to answer main investment banking interview questions. This is really common question you will come across when interviewing for investment banking positions. To answer it, take a look at the content below, a sample for our IncuBanker online course…

Walk me through your resume

This will be the 1st question you are asked in 95% of your interviews

  • You answer should be around 2-3 minutes
  • Analysts: start with where you grew up or went to high school
  • Associates: start with where you grew up or went to undergrad
  • From the start of your undergrad degree proceed chronologically through relevant experiences (academic, club, professional)
  • For each experience try to:
    • Give a brief overview of your role, achievements and an outcome (good feedback, promotion, published paper, etc.)
    • Demonstrate skills relevant to investment banking
    • Explain how this pushed you closer to pursuing a capital markets career
    • Brevity is key here; don’t spend your entire 3 minutes discussion one job!
  • At some point you need to identify your “spark”; the time when you decided that you knew you wanted to pursue a job in IB/S&T/Research/etc.
  • Try to end by connecting the career path you just described to why you are interviewing for this job

Strategy Video

Sample Answer



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