All or Nothing: My Journey through IBanking Recruitment – Tales from the Pit Episode I Part 6

This is a continuation of a series of posts. See parts 1, 2,3, 4 and 5 here, hereherehere and here.

I never made it to my final round interview with BMO. Scotia had given me a few days to decide and a couple senior members of the bank called me to convince me to sign. I really enjoyed the team I met at Scotia and eventually, I agreed that it was the right place for me. I signed the offer and called BMO to tell them I wouldn’t be coming to Super Saturday.

Getting a job in investment banking is no easy task and it had been a wild ride for me. From dozens of applications to a handful of first round interviews and finally to two shots at making it through final rounds, I was thrilled that I made it out with a job offer in hand.

But this was just the beginning, when I started at Scotia a few months later, I would be jumping into a much more rigorous, demanding and challenging interview – the summer internship. A full time job still wasn’t guaranteed, but for now at least I was ecstatic that the dream was still alive.

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