An $8.4 Billion Holiday

Some Halloween facts:

Halloween by the Numbers

Now that all the partying from Halloween is over and you are either hungover from eating too much candy or from an extra hour drinking last night (thanks to clocks turning back) it’s time to talk about the numbers.

Halloween is more than just a day kids go around door-to-door collecting candy, its a $8.4 billion dollar day in which kids go door-to-door collecting candy.

This year the National Retail Federation in the US predicts households will spend over $6.9 billion on Halloween. Here is the breakdown of the numbers:

Costumes: $3.1 billion

Candy: $2.5 billion

Greeting Cards: $390 million

Decorations (Including Pumpkins) : $2.4 billion

The numbers above do not included the additional money people spend on booze, taxis, Uber or catering for Halloween parties. Halloween is a fun night that gives everyone a boost including the economy.

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