Investment Banks and Junior Talent

As previously posted on *** Retaining juniors has become a massive issue for the Bay Street investment banks. As the industry continues to change and pay decreases, the banks are trying to keep up and improve the lifestyle for their junior employees. However, lifestyle and culture continue to be major reasons pushing juniors out[…]

The Fear of Failure

This past week I sat down with a friend who is thinking about taking the leap from the life of a Bay Street professional to an entrepreneur. As with anyone about to leave their job, my friend was concerned with the chance they might fail. Anyone who has left their job to go out on[…]

What’s the Difference

A few weeks back I gave a presentation to the incoming class masters program of the program I graduated from. Part of the presentation was focused on strategic networking and how to be successful in networking interactions. After the presentation ended a student came up to me and asked what I thought was the biggest difference between[…]