BBS Episode 7: Investment Banking & Being an Entrepreneur

On this week’s episode, I talk to my business partner Jay and we talk about what it was like to work in investment banking and how working as a banker helped prepare him to be an entrepreneur. He also gives some inside tips from his time as working as a school captain at Scotia for people wanting to break into the industry. Also if you are a second or third year analyst currently working in investment banking Jay says what you need to be doing to get promoted.

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • How does the interview and recruitment process work at the Canadian banks
  • What are the interviewers thinking before they interview you
  • What are the most interesting parts of working in investment banking
  • How to propel your career forward if you are a second or third year analyst currently in an investment bank
  • What Jay did to be so successful in his career at Scotia
  • How to set yourself up for success if you are thinking about leaving banking to become an entrepreneur
  • The skills investment banking teaches that help to be an entrepreneur