Well what if they get mad?

As previously posted on BreakingBayStreet.com *** It was about 45 minutes into our coffee when I asked, “well, what if they get mad?” He looked at me and said: “It’s not your job to care if they’re mad. Your only job is to make things work. So stop worrying about others. If you want to[…]

Mastering Your Elevator Pitch

As it is interview season we are continuing with how to answer main investment banking interview questions. This is really common question you will come across when interviewing for investment banking positions. To answer it, take a look at the content below, a sample for our IncuBanker online course… Walk me through your resume This[…]

Investment Banks and Junior Talent

As previously posted on BreakingBayStreet.com *** Retaining juniors has become a massive issue for the Bay Street investment banks. As the industry continues to change and pay decreases, the banks are trying to keep up and improve the lifestyle for their junior employees. However, lifestyle and culture continue to be major reasons pushing juniors out[…]