So you just got the call and you’ve got your first investment banking interview. Is it time to start blasting Gangnam Style and dancing in the streets?

Well, sorry but Gangnam Style should probably wait. There’s still a lot of work to do and probably over 100 other candidates standing between you and a job.

Now that application is out of the way, it’s show time and you have to do whatever it takes to convert your performance into a job offer.

First off, let me tell you what will not help you improve your conversion rate:

  • Signing up for CFA Level 1/2 so that in the interview you can say you are a “candidate”
  • Paying a bunch of money to do a financial modeling course
  • Reading the Vault guide for the 10,000th time

There will be no multiple choice questions in your interview and you will not build a financial model either so don’t waste your time. Furthermore the Vault guide is just the basic stuff, so if you don’t already know all of it, you’re in trouble!

Here are few things that will actually make a difference and help you blow your competition out of the water on interview day:

And if you want really want to turn up the heat and make it rain job offers, take a look at the products we offer to really serious candidates [big button that says “Show Me the Serious Stuff”]

Show Me the Serious Stuff