Think you can blindly toss your resume in the pile and land a bunch of investment banking interviews?

Think again!

Here’s the process most applicants follow when submitting an application to an investment banking job opening:

  • Get their resume reviewed by their university career center
  • Submit their application to all the banks through their university
  • Pray

This is a surefire way to learn that in the world of job seeking, no news is bad news.

If you want to have a shot at beating out the thousands of other applicants you’re going to have to take action long before your application starts flying through cyberspace.

But what should you actually do?

Well to start off, you need to take every possible action available to you before you submit your application that can improve the odds of getting selected for an interview.

The BreakingBayStreet Recipe For Success walks you through 8 easy to follow steps to achieve this.

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