Strategic Partnerships

Quadrant Skew Capital

Quadrant Skew Capital’s Equity Research Program is the only program on the market to offer real-world application of financial modeling and equity research training. Our program provides extensive one on one support to ensure skill development and thorough comprehension of course material. Graduates of our program develop a strong foundation in equity research which enables them to succeed both professionally and academically in pursuit of career goals.

As part of the equity research program you will receive:

  • Access to training videos and materials which includes any new materials or updates
  • Extensive financial modeling training: discounted cash flow and comparable companies models
  • End to end training in creating an equity research report
  • One on one support and assistance as needed
  • Experience via real world application of equity research training and financial modeling

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Bay Street Blog

bay street blog

Bay Street Blog is an online business forum in Canada where knowledge is expanded and ideas are shared. Readers can get essential tips, and learn about various topics, such as personal finance, investments, and business trends.

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